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Edamama's unique experience starts as our young guests choose their chair – the charming Mermaid, the fun-loving Octopus, the stealth Shark or the adventurous Yellow Submarine— and settle in for a cool cut or style by an experienced stylist. Each station is equipped with a video system for an extra fun time. Our professional stylists are patient, attentive, and excited to work with children of all ages.

Salon services include (but aren't limited to) haircuts, washes, styles and special do's for girls and boys, first haircuts for babies (includes certificate and lock of hair). 

Our stylists specialize in adult hair care as well!  Pamper yourself with a haircut or blowout while waiting for your little one! Treat yourself! You deserve it.  Be sure to ask us about our Mommy & Me and Daddy & Me packages. 

Please note that tips are cash only.

5 tips for the best haircut experience        

1. Prepare Your Child
Start a conversation a few days before your appointment to allow your children the chance to ask questions and to give you the opportunity to calm their nerves. Be sure to choose your words carefully: For example, you might tell your child they are going to get a 'style' or 'trim' instead of a “cut." 

2. Build Excitement
Talk to your child about how much fun they'll have at the appointment. Let them know you're looking forward to their trim or new style. When they see that you're looking forward to the experience, they will too.

3. Pick the Right Time
Best haircut experiences happen when children are rested and well fed. If children are cranky, anxious or tired,  the haircut should wait. Often, mornings are the best for haircuts as children are rested and ready for fun. 

4. Bring a Photo
Bring a picture of the hairstyle you'd like. Best haircuts occur when we can see the style you'd like. We also have a "look-book" for your convenience. Spend some time looking at the styles. You're sure to find one you like.

5. Be Prepared
Have your child bring a favorite, small toy or snack. These items can help your child stay calm and keep his/her hands occupied. We also offer healthy snack options for sale.

Please call (718) 388.3663 to schedule an appointment.