Lice Screening & Treatment

Edamama's offer professional Lice Screening Services for schools and families. For schools we believe that regularly scheduled screenings provide an effective management measure for lice and result in reduced disruption of educational programs. Our basic school package involves student and staff screenings conducted by experienced lice detection and treatment technicians.

Our screening identifies those with nits and active lice. We provide families and staff with information on lice and its effects, and offer an in-home treatment option. In-home treatment is best to minimize the spread of lice in child-friendly environments.

We are happy to provide your school with a specific, reasonable estimate for professional lice detection and treatment services based on the number of students and staff in your school community. In-home treatment services would be discussed separately with each family or staff member. 

Please give us a call at (718) 388 3663 to have a chat. We are here to help.