Young Reader & Junior Reader Book Clubs


Young Reader & Junior Reader Book Clubs


Young Reader group is geared toward kids ages 9 to 12,
Junior Reader group is geared toward kids ages 6 to 8

Both groups reads great contemporary and classic chapter books.
Parents are welcome (but not required) to attend. Meetings are held in Edamama and has $10 entry Fee.

Preregisteration is required. Please email to RSVP. You can buy the book in-store or online on this page. 

Meeting Times: May 15th
@ 3 pm for Junior Readers
@ 4 pm for Young Readers

Book to be discussed
The Wig In The Window- Young Readers
Magic Tree House Series #2- Junior Readers

Children participating in book club discussions help each other understand a text and make sense of it in a fun, educational, social experience. Children are invited to bring their experiences and feelings and build an excitement for reading together! 

Children Participating in the Young Readers Book Club will

  • Deepen reading comprehension
  • Exercise communication and critical thinking skills
  • Construct meaning together as a group
  • Debate and challenge each other
  • Connect with books (and each other) on a deeper level. 

Both Book Clubs is Led by Draci Sheena, neighborhood mom and private tutor. Darci is a Certified Teacher (grades 1-6) providing tutoring services in Brooklyn. Her love of teaching comes from a love of learning, and it's continuously driven by igniting that "spark" in the children she has the pleasure of working with. 

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